Friday, April 24, 2009

Partition of India:
Under May- June 16 1946 plan India were to divide based on religious grounds and the 600 princiely states were given option to be free or choose any of the dominon. This plan was accepted by league but congress did not accede to it imidiately. But Iron Man tried hard to get it approved by the working committee.

The reason for Vallabh bhai to accept partition was because of the Separatist movement of muslims led by Jinah. Vallabh bhai was outraged more because of August 16 Direct Action Day, the day muslim league resort to Hartal as congress were not accepting partition in plan, this protest took ugly turns and muslim league workers then attacked hindus and sikhs followed by retaliation from the other community. In the end within only few hours there were more than 4000 people dead and lakhs of the people were homeless. This was just the beginning there after several riots broke and so on.. Thus to avoid more bloodshed he insited on partition. He was of the view that one partition is better than many parts.

But he failed to foresee the death that would occur after the partition. He tried hard to supress the violence in India with an Iron hand by deploying police and supressing news from pakistan. He later talked to many hindu and Sikh leaders and were able to convince them for not to attack on Muslims and this will help the hindus and sikhs coming from lahore to India.

Later he was given a momoth task of integrating all the princely states into India. He tried all his vits and a bit force also and were able to make all the princely states but 3 (junagardh, Hyderabad and jammu and kashmir) to accede to it and join India. Later he ordered army to march into Junagardh and thus making it a part of India. It was also proved after vote out that 99.5% of the people of Junagadh wanted to be in India. He then focused on Hyderabad which was a major part in India then comprising of AP, Karnataka and maharashtra. He considered it even a bigger problem then Kasmir. The king of hyderabad was a mulim and wanted to merge into Pakistan though 80% of its population were Hindus. He insited many times to Nehru that India should attack Hyderabad and integrate it into India. Later when Nehru was on tour to Europe Vallabh bahi (acting prime minister then) ordered Army to integrate Hyderabad into India. This was termed as operation polo.

After that when Pakistan Attacked Kashmir Patel instantly wanted to send Indian troups but he had to wait since till then Kashmir nawab has not accede to be in India. Later he along with Indan army re conquer srinagar baramullah and some places. Later he was also against Nehru to go to UN for mediating between India and Pakistan and was also against the release of Rs 55 crores to Pakistan since he was knowing that Pakistan would use this money to finance war against India in Kashmir. But since gadhiji insisted this money was released.

Anyways thats it for now. Later Vallabh bhai died on Dec 15 1950 due to heart attack.